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Boulder, Colorado


Schooling and Show Apparel for Jumpers and Dressage Riders, Meticulously Tailored Equestrian Styles using Cutting-Edge Technologies Posh Performance!

Where we live?

Boulder, Colorado USA - Land of Great Skiing, Riding and Cycling. Our Ponies love the Mountain air and 300 plus days of sunshine!

Blending Posh with Performance, Mastermind Equestrian Apparel offers a generous helping of European tradition with Cutting Edge innovation and American Ingenuity. Imported and featuring Swiss Schoeller (R) Fabric Technologies, German Gutos Snaps and Fittings, and Genuine Leather with LYCRA (R) full seats to keep your Ride Elegant, Energized, Clean and Secure.


Natasha Traurig - Traurig Tradition Inc. and Her Riding Habit

Elizabeth Anne

Natasha Traurig - Traurig Tradition Inc. Her Riding Habit



I've been riding since I was very young. I was born into an equestrian family: my mother, Christine, is an Olympic dressage rider, and my father, Bernie, is best known for his accomplishments as a Grand Prix show jumper - but was also very successful in dressage and eventing. I was taught primarily by both of my parents, until I turned professional at the age of 18 and began working for and studying under other great riders, like Simon Nizri, Mandy Porter, Michelle Parker, and recently acquired a lot of experience and accomplishments as part of Neil Jones Equestrian. I currently run my own business here in San Diego, California, and focus primarily on the training and development of young horses. I absolutely love producing young horses and find it not only an important facet of the sport to emphasize, but it is very fulfilling to grow with a horse through its career.  Find me on instagram or on facebook.


I absolutely LOVE Mastermind breeches. I swear by them as being the most comfortable, well-fitting breeches you can find. They are detailed with elegance, and I love their color options available. I also find them to be the most durable out of any other breeches - considering I ride around 8 horses every day and work in the barn. 



For the show ring, I prefer my Secchiari boots. I purchased my first custom pair at Solea Equestrian, designed all black with a bit of patent piping at the top. I'm very simple and traditional when it comes to my show boots, and find Secchiari to be my favorite because I can create an elegant boot that is tough enough to handle the amount of ring time I have, yet keeping a stylish and classy look. Side note: under my boots, I always have Foothuggies riding socks on. Jeffi at Foothuggies makes the best socks for riding. Soft, comfortable, no-tear or holes, and sweat-proof! You can also design your own pair with your logo, name, or horses. They're fun!



I've tried so many helmets - really, SO many - and have to say that my all-time favorite helmet is the Samshield Miss Shield. It's classic, so comfortable, and offers a wide rim to protect your face from excess sun exposure. They also offer this helmet with rose gold piping, and it is gorgeous!



My CWD 2g Mademoiselle is by far the best saddle I have ridden in. It fits every horse I put it on. Detailed but a classic look. And, most importantly, I feel close to the horse. I find too many saddles these days are so over-produced with padding and elements that take your leg and connection away from the horses. I don't find that the case with my Mademoiselle and feel truly connected to my horse and able to apply my seat and leg correctly and effectively.